List of The Aquabats! Super Show! characters

The series’ intertitle, depicting the five main characters.

The following is a list of characters in The Aquabats! Super Show!, an American action-comedy television series which aired on the United States cable channel The Hub for two seasons from March 3, 2012 to January 18, 2014.
A mix of live-action and animation, The Aquabats! Super Show! follows the adventures of The Aquabats, a band of superhero rock musicians as they defend the world against a variety of villains and monsters. The series is predominantly based upon The Aquabats’ own background as a real-life band, and as such has adapted numerous characters from the band’s stage shows and elaborate fictional mythology.


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Main characters[edit]
The Aquabats[edit]
The Aquabats are a band of superhero rock musicians who travel the countryside fighting the forces of evil while moonlighting as a struggling rock and roll band. Despite their variety of superpowers, abilities and technology, the group are generally bumbling and inexperienced, and more often than not save the day by sheer luck or crudely unorthodox methods. In the series’ first season, The Aquabats are depicted as an obscure and mostly out-of-work local superhero team, overshadowed by other, more competent superheroes and usually only stumbling into trouble they’re directly or indirectly the cause of. After saving the world in the season finale, however, the band are recognized and treated as international heroes and celebrities in the second season, receiving top-priority government assignments and even sponsoring their own summer camp.
The Aquabats live and travel by way of the BattleTram, a modified recreational vehicle which serves as a combination tour bus and mobile command center. Unlike most other superheroes, The Aquabats have no alter egos to speak of, and are never seen without their trademark masks and helmets. The band’s origin story was kept intentionally vague by the series’ writers; while the first season made no references or allusions to the group’s history, several episodes of the second season feature each member of The Aquabats recounting how they came together via animated flashback sequences. However, as each of these flashbacks directly contradict one another, it remains unknown if any could be co